Post # 3 Kamikaze Acrobats


G & I sitting on the stairs when M decides to close her eyes and catapult down on her wooden framed balance bike. Her body slams into mine, tumbles over me, bounces off the far wall. A baseline of pain––bludgeoned from behind by M’s body in downward propulsion. She miraculously lands on her feet, then runs off howling. I sit in shock––yell after her ‘Oh my God––are you alright?’ G starts crying. The shear intensity of the moment. He thought he was going to die. M got a light nose bleed. No other injuries. My children are maniacal kamikaze acrobats. Grateful for G’s cuddles, M’s sensitivity & cleverness, J’s wits, loyalty and kindness. J is slightly manic at times. He is Siddhartha like at other times. He dreams of finding his river. But, for the moment corporate life robs him of living in the present. Starting Relearn Your Alphabet for the Twenty First Century. A is for A big life=1/3 plunge deeply + 1/3 shine brightly + 1/3 give freely.