Post # 39


Sinead Morrisey has won the T.S. Eliot award for Paralax. The book opens diaristically. The elliptical and everyday observations alike. The music of the wind––wind as teacher in ‘Shostakovich.’ The ekphrastic impulse thereafter. I visited dad after major knee reconstruction. He was wooden, sitting separate, greyish yellow, discharging ill-willed comments my way––like a practitioner of death. His brother in hospital undergoing a blood transfusion. Ordering my mother around constantly. Underneath his behaviour he obviously feels scared, out of control, immobilised. At the mercy of others kindness. It is hard to have compassion for him when he is so base. I remember that time we balanced on a log on Jubilee lake though. We were relaxed––at ease together. He was jovial, fun to be with then. He is liverish because of excessive alcohol consumption. Luckily M told me she loves me 20 million times around the moon––enough to keep buoyancy. Later she ran through the garden shouting ‘Clitoris, clitoris, clitoris––a bowl of clitoris’s.’ We told her that she has one. She wanted to make everyone know––to celebrate it.

Boundary Speak (Diaries 2013-2021) centrally focuses on reportage of my life’s happenings, notes on readings, phantasms or wild forays, riffs off music or footnotes from poems that take me on a strange journey and thought fragments. My outsider artwork is focal on my Re-learn your Alphabet for the Twenty-First Century drawings (some of which are collaborations with my children), my robot series, as well as many other drawings undertaken over the period 2013-2021.