Djadjawurrung Country


To the country to rejuvenate. Djadjawurrung or Dja Dja Wurrung country. It has phenomenal magnetic mineral properties. The mineral springs were forged some five million years ago out of volcanic activity. Whenever I come here all of my imbalances are brought to the surface. It is always intensely uncomfortable at the beginning––a transmutation of the soul.

Aunty B came and took the children for a walk––plied them with ice cream and chocolates as she does. Now they think she is their aunty fairy like I always did.

At Trentham Falls. We came upon the waterfall. Almost at the entrance of the track we saw grand sweeping columns of rock. We played there a while––had a picnic. The children found a dirt-slide-wall, climbed it, shimmied down for quite sometime. I took the opportunity to sit on a nearby bench, from which I could see the expansive vista. I witnessed a rainbow cloud set in a cavalcade of water. The valley slunk away from the picaresque basin below. I could not avert my eyes, as if my future life were etched in the rock face. I wanted to go down there to that sanctuary––be taken into its cleavage of earth––into ecological-folds. I wanted to descend into the solar plexus of place––to re-learn a wild chirography of my soul.

I’m grateful for M’s confidence and feelings of independence. I enjoy G’s clowning and his general jolliness.

I dreamt I went over to C’s house and she’d cut out pictures of rare birds she thought I’d like. I told her that I was familiar with them. Then I was travelling along on a tram and decorating the interior with the rare bird pictures.

The Reggio Kindergarten are obsessed with documenting everything the children do and blogging it, like lab rats, they’re constantly monitored.

I have an idea to write philosophical passages pertaining to motherhood––dispatches from the frontlines of love. Maybe that’s what this blog experiment is.

G needs helps with his emotional regulation. I ought to sing to him more. I need to smile at M more.

An idea to create an art series Re-learn your Alphabet for the Twenty-First Century.