Blog # 6 Maman & Me

2013 Boundary Speak Blog Project (2013-2021)

Today I saw a butter spider, greased belly, climbing over yellow cliff tops––mutinous plateaus of cow-slew. I dully watched its progress, carved out a chunk––left it on the sink. I hoped it would escape. In her collected diaries Deconstruction of the Father, Reconstruction of the Father Louise Bourgeois writes that: ‘…words put in connection can open up new relations …a new view of things.’ LB loved to write and it was the basis of her creative practice. Her diaries are thought fragments and explorations of philosophical concept and ideas that inform her artistic process. A journal for an artists is a generator of work (this is true for Fridha Kahlo too). Keeping a detailed diary is a discipline––poetry happens intermittently amidst the reportage, readings, ruminations, migrations, meditations, and riffs into the unknown. Like a psycheographic text. A thought-experiment. It can be a wonderful phantasmagorical tractability to another. I like going on these sojourns with LB. Of her artworks it is ‘Maman’ that moves me most––there are several around the world. I’d like to go on a pilgrimage to see them all. So far I’ve seen ‘Maman’ at Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, Australia and at The Guggenheim, in Bilbao, Spain. This artwork demonstrates the influence of Euclidean Geometry on LB. Euclid, the Greek mathematician, known as the ‘Father of Geometry’ did ‘spider web math’ devised of lines and angles. LB needed her creative practice to be a better mother, as do I––it provides a necessary catharsis. For LB it was from the depression of her father and the rage of her mother. I like the way she writes two paragraphs side by side, perhaps the left side deals in praxis, the practical raw data of life, whilst the right side deals in catharsis, or a liberation principle. I will deploy this technique in my diary.