Blog # 15


M’s treasures: sugar skull torch, stretchy bright green red lizard, craft owl keyring, grey led pencil with rubber heart at end, face paints, a collection of vibrantly coloured balls, a painted metal egg (from Easter), gold headband, wooden necklace and matching braclet, wind up donkey with monkey on its back, light up rubber ball, technicolour light, gold bow and gold ribbon, stretchy dinosaur figurines, small red magnifying glass, hello kitty locket, set of stray keys, clay black skull, shell braclet, blue bead ring, hologram penguin card, a golden coin, a marble. A curios doll made by me.

Boundary Speak (Diaries 2013-2021) centrally focuses on reportage of my life’s happenings, notes on readings, phantasms or wild forays, riffs off music or footnotes from poems that take me on a strange journey, ruminations and thought fragments. My outsider artwork is focal on my Re-learn your Alphabet for the Twenty-First Century drawings (some of which are collaborations with my children), my robot series, as well as many other drawings undertaken over the period 2013-2021.