Glamping in Amsterdam

Sunday 28th August, 2016

Our house is so bare. The children are still sleeping on mattresses on the floor. I bought an Ikea white linen sofa off the previous tenant along with a king size bed and two chests of drawers. It was cheap and convenient to do so. We have no dining table, instead we are eating off the outdoor table, in the rear courtyard. The Dutch seem to love to eat out on the street in summer, often in front of their homes. It’s quant and charming the way that they prepare their dining experience so meticulously, often with linen napkins, a vase of flowers. (I often saw this in the Jordaan). It’s about fostering gezelligheid. By contrast our apartment is devoid of gezelligheid right now. It is not a home. We are waiting on the shipping to come. Jon made fun of me when I was packing our shipping container back in Australia, as if I was being a slave to ‘stuff.’ Now he gets it!

Jon is working ridiculous hours. I’m left alone with the children. Each morning he says he’ll come home by 6pm and doesn’t. I feel myself withholding love from him, which I hate. Also, I’m being a nagging wife. I don’t like it, it doesn’t suit me. It sucks all my energy and his no doubt. Of course, when he comes home he continues to work, just opens his laptop and goes on and on. He’s a workaholic.

I will start to explore museums and galleries with the children in the coming months. I have discovered that buying a yearly museum pass for all of us is the way to go. The Rijks, the Van Gough, the Stedelijk and Moco are all on Museumplein, which is just across Vondelpark. Jon can join us on the weekends.

I was also tipped off on a fabulous resource called Amsterdam Mamas blog, which gives excellent information about happenings here for children. I also discovered that Marktplaats is the most frequently used second hand online buying and selling platform here, which will come in handy no doubt. Also, Buy and Sell Amsterdam on good old Slavebook is good.